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The Great Ordeal and the Messianic Promise

What does this resurrection of Christ mean for us? What does it mean for a world that seems to always be moving through so much pain? How can this Easter event change our perspective of things as we look out into the enormous challenges facing the world?


The Greatest Confrontation

For when Christ confronts us, he confronts us for one reason and one reason only—to transform us . He transforms us by showing us our sin, presenting to us the true picture of ourselves, so that we would understand and know our need for him, and once we know our need for him we will embrace him and when we embrace him we will follow him.

Easter Peace

Christ is alive and comes to give you his gift of peace.

Easter Sunday: The Trauma and Joy of the Empty Tomb

Jesus was raised. And his rising from the dead has made all the difference in the world. It can make all the difference in your world—if you but believe and trust it—because it’s not just about believing that some historical event happened—as interesting and compelling as it may sound: God raising a first century Jewish man from the dead. It’s about trusting that  in raising Jesus from the dead, God has put death to death; it’s about trusting that God has put your sin to death; it’s about trusting that because Christ was raised you will be raised. It’s about trusting that a new creation burst forth from that empty tomb!

How Can We Call this Friday ” Good”?

A young man sets out to heal and love and to forgive, to bring sight to blind, hearing to the deaf, and hope to the hopeless.   He is arrested and falsely charged. He is scourged, and he is executed.... Continue Reading →

Palm Sunday: God is on Trial

God is on trial, charged, with the high  crime of impersonation, because, in our judgment, God has not fulfilled the divine mandate.

Annointing the Annointed

Scripture: Isaiah 43: 16-21; Phillippians 3: 4b-14; John 12:1-18   The Lenten journey continues and Holy Week stands on the horizon. Today’s gospel lesson taken from John finds Jesus and his disciples in Bethany, just outside of Jerusalem, the capital... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Sons

It seems to me that the older doesn’t really know his Dad very well does he? He doesn’t really understand just how loving a person he is. He didn’t understand that in lavishing his love upon the prodigal son, the father had taken nothing away from the elder son. He says this plainly: “ Son you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours.”

The Divine Gardener

Scripture: Luke 13: 1-9 Today's gospel lesson  contains a "green thumb" parable which should especially appeal to horticulturalists and gardners(which I confess I am not). I may not be a gardener but I do appreciate the fatc that people are... Continue Reading →

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